IT Jobs - Direct Postings Only
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Posting Guidelines
  • Posting Requirements All job posts must be direct posts by the company which is hiring. No 3rd party posts will be accepted.
  • Posting Moderation All job posts are reviewed prior to publishing in order to ensure that they are direct postings.
  • Posting Duration Posts will be displayed for 8 weeks, after which they will be expired. Expired posts are not displayed.
  • Posting Removal If you would like your post removed early, please send mail to To verify your request prior to removal, we will respond to the email address entered for the posting.
  • Cost All job posts are free, and will remain so until at least July, 2007. Any fees after this point will be nominal.
  • Featured Jobs The main page displays a prominent link to a featured ad. Every time the page is hit, a new featured job is chosen at random from the current listings. This feature service is free.

Posting Suggestions
  • Job Title If your position requires a particular language or operating system, we suggest that you include it in your job title. For example, use something like: Unix Systems Administrator, Senior Java Developer, .NET Developer. This will help job-seekers with RSS and/or email feeds to easily screen the postings, and focus in on your post when it is within their technical realm.